Welcome to Baby It's Cold Outside, an awareness and educational program about hypothermia and cold injuries developed specifically for you, the professional Search and Rescue Responder! It's been created to provide the information necessary to properly handle subjects with cold injuries, including hypothermia.

On this site you will find a range of educational video modules on a variety of treatment topics, self-assessment exercises at the end of each to verify your knowledge of the material taught and interactive video scenarios that put you into a search and allow you to test your newly acquired knowledge in simulated real life situations. Your teacher is Dr. Gordon Giesbrecht (aka Professor Popsicle), Professor of Thermophysiology at the University of Manitoba, and a world-renowned expert on 'freezing to death'.

At the conclusion of your Baby It's Cold Outside course, you can download a certificate of completion demonstrating that you have acquired the knowledge necessary to help improve subject survival time through proper treatment and care and to enhance the health and safety of your SAR team.

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